Getting closer to a shareable design prototype

Learning a way to get a usable prototype in the hands of other people.

Keeping track of progress

In which I share a useful tool for keeping focussed & on track.

Busted! A much needed reminder of accountability

A blog doesn't keep me accountable. People keep me accountable.

Perfect is the enemy of done

It has been a positive week, with a lot of progress. And I don't mention COVID-19.

10 minute short film challenge: the results

A small distraction from the app challenge: a short film challenge

On momentum

It’s been a busy week, so this is going to be a short post.

App Challenge: Wireframing Part 2

Although it was a slow-going week, things are still moving forward.

App Challenge: Customer journeys & wireframing

Sketching digital ideas on paper, clarifying thoughts.

Upgrade Material UI from v0.x to v4.x: Tabs

The MUI Tabs API changed a lot between versions; here be my notes on the differences.

App Challenge: What do I need to build?

Breaking down list of ideas into something I can focus on and build.

Planning the app; where to start?

Thinking about which direction I'd like to take the app challenge in.

Building and creating: a challenge

Starting 2020 off with a cunning plan to make me write more. Oh and build more too.

Share your work

It's easy to be inspired by a book. Acting on that inspiration is a little tougher.