While researching ideas and concepts around Artificial Intelligence (AI), I recently came across a great series of videos on YouTube by IBM.

Other than being thoroughly fascinating content well worth watching, the method of presenting the information grabbed my attention.

A screenshot of a frame from the IBM Youtube video on Large Language Models

The presenter is facing the camera and begins to talk through their presentation while drawing on what looks to be a pane of glass.

At first it appears that the boffins at IBM have also mastered the skill of writing and drawing backwards so that we viewers are able to read clearly their scribbles.

Turns out it’s a simple use of post production to flip the image that’s recorded. And IBM realised that that people really wanted to know this and created an explainer video.

So they really are writing on a pane of glass (with pens that glow in awesome colours due to great lighting), and the way it's setup it makes you think their left hand is really their right.

No PowerPoint needed. I love it.