On momentum

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After building up a head of steam over the past few weeks on the app challenge, this week has felt a bit slow & unproductive for the project, but crazy busy and productive on a temporary distraction

Throwing down the gauntlet

A couple of weeks ago my acting coach laid down a task for our class to group up and create a short film on the theme of “Love” by the end of February. Very in keeping with Valentines this month; Hallmark would be proud!

Recently, I’ve been writing short film screenplays and would love to get them off the page and one day on to the screen (big or small). Not knowing where to properly start means that I’m creating a backlog of scripts that I’d like to produce.

After a chat with our group I realised that I had a tonne of ideas about the film, and wanted to get them down on paper and in peoples hands as soon as possible.

I also would like to learn more about the film making process, especially around lighting and sound, and understanding how to use them to good effect, so have taken on the role of director for the scenes.

One requirement of the task is to make sure all members of our group are in the film - so it’s been a fun job of -herding cats- organising schedules to get them shot.

We filmed the first couple of scenes today, and I’m already learning tonnes about what works and what doesn’t with lights and camera angles.

Any progress is positive

I still managed to fit in a little time to refine some of my initial wireframes from last week, and the mobile view is really starting to take shape.

My time this week will be absorbed with filming & editing, so I’m not expecting to get anything done on the app.

I’ll post again in a couple of weeks once I’ve made some more progress on the challenge.

And if the short film isn’t terrible, then I might post that too :)